Natural Hair Updo

Hello guys,welcome back to our blog after a really long time{smiles},so just to welcome you back,I am just sharing with you today how i achieved this beautiful natural hair up-do here,it did not take me so much time actually and this look can be worn to class,work,dinner,ANYWHERE!
Styling our natural hair could be WORK at times,so i hope this would definitely help someone.You can also check HERE and HERE  and HERE  and HERE to see other ways i have styled my natural hair.

Things I used For This Hairstyle.

-Old curly weaves
-Bobby pins
-Water(to moisturize)
-Whipped hair butter
-A strand of Marley hair to pull my hair in a small puff.

Watchthisvideo to see how it was done,thanks.

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Ghana-weaving With Natural Hair.

Hello guys,I hope your week is going just as planned or even better?I am sharing with you today an interesting post on how to make Ghana-weaving with natural hair.

Many people often think it is impossible to make Ghana weaving with natural hair due to its kinky nature but with this post,i hope you will be able to make and enjoy wearing Ghana-weaving with your natural hair without losing your hair.


 First thing is to prepare your natural hair for the hairstyle(Ghana-weaving) and by preparing the hair,I mean deep conditioning the hair to give it the necessary strength to withstand the stress that comes with Ghana-weaving.Deep conditioning the hair before making this hairstyle is very necessary to avoid breakage.You can read about deep conditioning HERE.


 The second thing to consider when thinking of making Ghana-weaving with natural hair is STRETCHING.Since natural hair is usually not straight which makes it difficult to blend with the straight braiding hair,it is necessary to stretch natural hair before making this hairstyle so that it can blend with the braiding hair as much as possible.Stretching can be done in different ways,the safest method of stretching natural hair that i like is by the use of threads.This method is safe as it does not require any heat which could damage the hair when used too often.Another method of stretching natural hair is by BLOWING the hair with the use of an hand dryer.Which ever method suits you,the important thing is to stretch the hair before making the hairstyle.

 P.S:   -Streching should be done before deep conditioning so that the hair can retain its streched state.

         -You might need to tell your stylist to start braiding with your own hair not with the extension just to reduce tension on your edges.

This is a ghana weaving style i am wearing currently,i used two packs of Xpression braiding hair to achieve this hairstyle.

  To maintain this hairstyle,i just oil my edges ad scalp with castor oil ,i rarely moisturize with water so that it does not get rough in time but i make sure water gets to my edges when under the shower and i oil my edges afterwards.You can read on how i care for my hair in box braids HERE and HERE.

The only way i have been able to style this hair is by wrapping the the tips around my head like in the pictures below.enjoy!(I will be posting a video on how i achieved this style on my instagram ,so please follow me on there  to stay updated).               
Is there any point you think i am missing out,feel free to drop yours and also share your experience making ghana weaving with natural hair in the comment section below.

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Top Knot On Short Natural Hair.


Watch the simple tutorial of how i achieved this hairstyle down below!


Mixture of Gentelle hair fruit conditioner and water and olive oil to moisturize my hair
Mixture of Shea butter and castor oil to pull my hair together /lay my hair
Marley hair for the bun(can't remember the brand)any brand would definitely be fine.

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How To Detangle Dry,Matted Natural hair Without Breakage.

Hey people!its been a long time here and this is because i have been working on something i will reveal later in this post as you read on and you will also learn how to detangle dry,matted natural hair without breakage.

It has been a long time idea actually but decided to launch fully this year.If you are following me on Instagram @Stylehairven,you probably know by now that i post some short video tutorials once in a while but right now,we are moving to YouTube. Stylehairven is now live on YouTube and would most definitely need your support by liking,subscribing,sharing and commenting.

Since YouTube helps to make practical stuffs easier to understand,I promise to make this fun and I hope you enjoy!

How To Detangle Dry,Matted Natural hair Without Breakage.

My first video is up already and its about the easiest and most proper way to detangle dry,matted natural hair without breakage and how i trimmed my relaxed ends after transitioning for 15 months. A lot of us actually struggle with detangling our natural hair when its matted or dry, this video sheds more light on how to properly do that without breakage.

You can watch the video below! 


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How To Soften Thick Natural Hair

Glad you made it into the new year!
I am here with an educative post on how to soften thick natural hair.

I have got some direct messages on Instagram and sometimes in real life on how to soften thick natural hair most especially when i was transitioning,so,i have decided to talk about it  here in  this post based on  my little knowledge from my own experience with working with my thick hair.

I just cut my relaxed hair few weeks back after transitioning for 15 months but you can read about how i managed my hair during transitioning HERE.

How To Soften Thick Natural Hair.

Two important points i don't joke with concerning managing my natural hair are:

Regular Deep-conditioning

  This point cannot be over emphasized,when some people ask me what to do to soften their thick hair,i ask them 'do you deep condition?' and most times,the reply is always 'NO'.Deep conditioning is also referred to as steaming in most salons and it is a process of applying a deep conditioner to your hair,covering it with a plastic cap/shower cap and letting the deep conditioner sit in your hair for about 25-30 minutes under the dryer OR about 45mins using body heat,then rinsing off thereafter.Deep conditioning should be done regularly about every week or depending on the state of your hair and schedule to get maximum effect.There are various deep conditioners in the market but i personally love ORS deep conditioners.

There are also natural ingredients that can be used to deep condition,some of which include:honey,egg,oils,aloe Vera,milk,banana,avocado.


Whenever i cant get my favorite deep conditioner,i use a mixture of my rinse out conditioner at that moment with honey ,castor oil and coconut oil,warm the mixture up and deep condition my hair with it.
Regular Deep conditioning does not only make the hair soft but also strengthens the hair.

Regular moisturizing



Moisturizing the hair especially natural hair should be done daily because natural hair loses moisture easily.The easiest way to moisturize the hair is by applying a leave-in conditioner daily or by spraying with a mixture of water,oil and conditioner which i strongly recommend and sealing the moisture in with oils/butters just to keep the moisture longer in the hair strands but keep in mind that oils/butters do not moisturize,their importance is just to lock the moisture in the hair strands.

Dry hair is usually fragile,thick,brittle and difficult to work with but well moisturized hair is quite easier to work with and is soft.My favourite sealant is the shea butter because it naturally softens the hair ,therefore sealing the moisture with shea butter followed by oil is always satisfying for my hair.
Regular Moisturizing  does not only soften the hair but also improves hair elasticity.

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Bantu Knots Out On Short Natural Hair With Shaved Sides.

Bantu Knots Out On Short Natural Hair.

Hey guys!How is the world at your sides?In this post ,I am going to be showing you guys the bantu knots out on short natural hair i made for myself but i wanted something a little bit edgy and  i already did full bantu knots out several times and i already wrote a post on that HERE.Kindly check it out!

I wanted to make it a little bit different this time around without having to actually shave my hair and i still wanted the bantu knots out with shaved sides, so,i weaved the sides of my hair using my own hair recipe i made(a mixture of Shea butter,castor oil) to get my hair laid very well,you can read about the mixture HERE also.

I also used this mixture to twist and roll my bantu knots and i unraveled the next morning.

I like using this mixture a lot for my bantu knots because it makes my natural hair very soft when unraveling.

Bantu knots out on short natural hair is one of my favorite hairstyles,you should know by now if you have been following me a long time and i now really love this edgy look with the illusion of shaved sides.

I did not take pictorials of this hairstyle since i recorded a video of it on Instagram,check it out on my Instagram @stylehairven.

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How to get rid of acne.

How to get rid of acne!

Getting rid of acne,acne scars and redness on the face could be tiring at times,so in this post,i am going to explain in details how to get rid of acne with three basic products i won from hairffiliation and nappyhaired giveaway on Instagram.I am also going to tell you guys what i love and what i don't like about these three products(the lemon glow scrub,the scented liquid black soap and the whipped body butter) and how i used them  for maximum effect.

P.S:This post is not sponsored!

lets get started!!

How to get rid of acne and acne spot!

  How i used these products.


lemon glow scrub

 I scrubbed my face using the lemon glow scrub every 2-3 days with steam because my skin is really oily and exfoliating that regularly was very needed(the steam was just to open up the pores of my skin to allow penetration of the scrub easier and faster) but if your skin is not that oily,exfoliating with this product twice a week should be okay.

The glow scrub contains natural ingredients like brown-sugar,honey,lemon juice,rosewater,coconut oil,jojoba oil,avocado oil,lavender oil,therefore,it does not pose any damage to the skin,these natural ingredients benefit the skin by giving the skin necessary nutrients that makes the skin glow and healthy for real!

Exfoliating with this product also moisturizes the skin,leaving it very soft after rinsing because it actually removes dead cells from the skin which causes acne.


 Along with the glow scrub,i used the black soap to wash my face and my body and to be candid,this black soap left my skin feeling really soft and as time went by,i noticed some changes on my skin most especially areas where i had dark spots and pimples were reducing significantly.


 To complete the cycle,i used the ori coco whipped body butter as a body cream and i also used it on my face when i wasn't going to wear makeup because its really oily and using it before applying makeup is not advisable.The whipped body butter contains shea butter,carrier oils and essential oils  which offers uv protection which i actually noticed under my eyes,the darkness underneath my eyes reduced and it also reduced redness.

before i started using the products

After about two weeks usage without consistency.
Even though i was not consistent with the usage,they still worked,redness reduced,pimples around the forehead reduced,darkspots on my face and body reduced.!

 What i love about these products

These products are very affordable
They contain natural ingredients that have no side effects at all
They work really well just as stated by the manufacturer
These three products smell really nice.
The consistency of the whipped body butter,no need for futher melting unlike the usual shea butter.

In addition to why i love the body butter,the manufacturer stated that it assists in pain relief,i used it about two times to massage areas of pain just to

confirm the manufacturers statement and it worked really well to my surprise.

What i don't love about these products.

There is no prescription from the manufacturer on how to use the glow scrub for different skin types.

Absolutely love everything about the whipped body butter and black soap.

You can get yours at hairffiliation

p.s:To get maximum benefit from these products,consistency is key!

How do you get rid of acne and acne scars?,I might learn from you too on how to get rid of acne,Lets discuss in the comment section below!
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