Style Day Gone Bad!!!

17 August Doughyeen 0 Comments

  I woke up very early to attend a meeting and so I did not have enough time for my hair, so I just did my signature hairstyle (a post will be coming up on that soon) and I tucked the front section in with a bobby pin and did the same with the back section too and I hurried out, I got on the bike heading for the meeting but MY HAIR STARTED FLYING!!! , so, what next???
and I was going for a meeting ,I adjusted the hair with my palm using  my tab as my mirror when I alighted and it was just okay and some people admired it after the meeting but well ,the flying repeated again when I was going back home, so, what made my hair fly??But I tucked the ends in, what then happened???It was because I hurriedly tucked it in, I did not tuck the ends away completely because I was in an hurry, so, my readers with short hair like me, if you are going to be tucking your hair in, do it patiently so that all your ends are tucked in, this will prevent the breeze from lifting your hair or blowing your hair which makes your hair look scattered or unorganized (am sorry i did not take any picture that day)
   The picture here  is not pertaining to this blogspot, its just a random picture of mine so the post does not look boring

Tanx for reading…

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