13 August Doughyeen 1 Comments

   Welcome dearies, I am really excited to have you reading, Stylehairven is your consult platform for things related to hair: hairstyle tutorials, pictorials, product review,
length checks, celebrity hairstyles, dos and don’ts of hair, naturalistas, hair care tips and so much more. I look forward to knowing you guys more...Thanks!!!
  I am actually enjoying this ‘short phase’ of my hair and so in this blogpost, I am going to be showing you guys some of the pictures of the styles I made with my hair in the past, I am sorry I have just two pictures of when I was a naturalista(I never intended opening a blog).My next blogpost is going to be on how a style day went bad for me but for now,enjoy viewing my throwback pictures....

my hair with extension to make a braided bun.

Braids out at the front section.

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