One Minute Hairstyle!!!

17 September Doughyeen 0 Comments

   I am sure many of us will be guessing already that do I mean that one could make a hairstyle in just one minute?, well, let me explain that,
   I was reading a book titled ONE MINUTE MANAGER, a book which teaches people on how managing people is such a simple thing and takes less time and I thought to myself that could there be any hairstyle that could be made in less than a minute or a minute and I tried doing some and here I am to show you some pictorials……The one minute hairstyle is just an abstract explanation that a hairstyle is simple and takes less time to get it done.
  1. The first is the braided bun, I call it braided bun because it’s simply a bun that is braided!!!
 If you have long hair, you could get this done by using just your hair and if your hair is not long enough, you would need an attachment to create that illusion of long hair like I did in the pictorials below, you would want to use an attachment that is of the same colour or almost the same colour with your hair, so it blends well…
2. The second is the bob or faux bob; if you have long hair, you can’t get a bob, else you are considering cutting your hair for a bob, but the faux bob is something you can try on to get that bob look, its protective as the ends of your hair are kept inside. For not too long hair, you could get a bob or something looking like a bob BUT it’s not protective
3.My signature hairstyle:This is the hairstyle i rock almost every time i am not wearing extensions or wigs,my friends know me for this style and sometimes ,i do a little creativity with the front section like tucking the ends in(this is basically the most protective form of the style )as it is in the pictures below.I don't really have a problem wearing either of the two forms,I also sometimes do braids out with the front section which would have been braided the night before and i just bring it out in the morning.My signature hairstyle is very simple and takes less time.I just divide a little part from the front section and i comb it down to a side of my forehead,and the remaining part-the back section,i weave it up(sorry no picture of the back section).

front section left out
Front section tucked in
braids out at the front section

4.My very one minute hairstyle: This hairstyle is particularly for my hair and  maybe shorter hair and a little bit longer than mine but please note that this style is in no way protective but i just love it and so i style my hair this way when i just feel like breaking the hair rule of 'wear protective hairstyles'. It is something like a fringe, I just combed my hair all down from the middle and i just used my hand to put the strands in place as it is in the picture below. I think this hairstyle works well with my hair because it is relaxed and dense, so, the strands lie well on one another, i don't know how it will be for texlaxed hair tho. This hairstyle is very simple and takes less time as you can see in the picture.

Will you want to try some of my one minute hairstyles?Am sure some of you will have amazing 'one minute hairstyles'.

Thanks for reading,a product review will be coming up soon...#cheers
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