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     The first time I saw this product was  in a friend’s room, and I was like ORS makes sheen spray too, well, lets check it out, I read about the ingredients and benefits and I decided that I would get mine and use it first before I review it. I got it for #750 in ogbomoso
     What makes it different from some other sheen sprays?
1. It is non-greasy: I particularly love the fact that this product is non-greasy like some other sheen which automatically means that it doesn’t leave the hair coated which inhibits the hair strands from absorbing moisture or other products.
2. It is nourishing: This product is a blend of vitamin E, olive oil and some herbal extracts which gives nutrients to the hair and in turn makes the hair healthy and well, grows well.
3. It does not dry the hair: This product doesn’t contain fluorocarbon which is extremely volatile (evaporates quickly) and leaving the hair dry and low solubility in water.
4. It does not leave drops of the spray on the hair (fog or bead).
    So, with all that being said, if you are wearing curls or will be wearing one soon and you don’t want to scatter your curls with your fingers with oils, you might want to consider using this product for shine and restore moisture balance.
   It could also be used by non-curl wearers, I use it for my hair when not in curls too.
Please NOTE that I am not assuring that this product will be compatible with your hair, I like it for my hair especially when am wearing curls. Check out what works well with your hair and also note that on the container is written that it works for all hair textures, so, I leave you to decide…..enjoy!!!
What product do you love now? Drop your comments and add, I will like to hear from you, thanks for reading and visit again
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  4. Hi, Doughyeen.
    The product review is pretty good. I keep an Afro and make use of Above oil sheen hairspray, and make use of Nova hairspray to keep it together. However, there was a day I went to the store to get Above but it wasn't available, so I 'settled' for this 'Olive oil sheen'. The first thing I noticed was the nice fragrance.I kept the can to buy another one, but I eventually slipped back to Above (talk about the devil you know :)) Now that I know the brand name, I'll surely buy it next time.
    That said, I need your expertise on the best spray to use in holding my Afro. Like I said earlier, I use Nova but its smell is annoying! I tried Above hair moose, but I hated the foam. Which ultrahold hairspray would you recommend?

    1. Hello DOA,thanks for your comment
      VO5 Ultimate Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray is a good spray that keeps your hairstyle in place no matter how the weather is,there are great reviews about it but i have not personally tried it before on my hair.Another product you could try is GHD Curl Hold Spray,although i have not used this product either but reviews says that it helps to create perfectly defined and long lasting curls,so,you might want to try any of these two.Thanks.

  5. Thanks for your response, Doughyeen.
    I will definitely check these recommended products next time I visit the stores. I hope they are readily available like the sprays we've mentioned earlier.
    I wish to add that you're doing a great job here. Keep it up! ��