How to style your braids

28 December Doughyeen 0 Comments

Hey ladies, I hope you are doing well, how is the festive period at your places? Hope you are having fun…
This post is just to share with you two of the ways you can style your braids.
The first style is just a bun with side swept bangs, very simple and chic.

First separate the part for bangs from the part for the bun and pack the part for the bun into a ponytail at the top of the head as it is in the pictures below….

Take the section for the bangs from the side of the head towards the forehead covering just half of the forehead and roll it with the ponytail ….

Then roll the ponytail into a bun….very simple

This is another style but I don’t really know what name to call it ,parts of the braids  are braided from one side of the head through the front hairline to the other side and you let the remaining braids  fall freely at the back…VERY simple.
 The pictures below shows how its done....

That all for now,more braids styles will be coming up……
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