My pre-twisted crotchet hair

16 March Doughyeen 0 Comments

Hello ladies, hope you are doing good.
  I have been pre - twisting my crotchet hair(it's actually yarn not hair) and I intend installing it soon. I used five rolls of the popular Brazilian wool and I spent about 35mins twisting each roll and then I tried it on my doll. I made it to be about 12 inches long and I love the outcome. I got about 11 twisted strands of yarn in some rolls and I got 12-13 strands in some, so in total I had about 59 twisted strands of yarn. Another thing I like about this crotchet yarn is that it can be reused, I can remove it when I get tired of it and install it again when I want to. I will be putting up a post when I install it on my hair for you guys to see.. These are pictures of the pre-twisted yarn.. # 
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