DIY:How to make your own wig cap

30 August Doughyeen 6 Comments

Hey guys, this post came out of the need to get a dome cap but couldn’t get one around here and wig caps available here are very soft and doesn’t last at all, tears easily. Then I was just thinking with a friend that if we can get a wig cap made of spandex around here(ogbomoso,oyo state), it would be good but we couldn’t get and I needed to make a wig ASAP, so I started to think of how I can improvise and I came up with this very simple method.
-a pair of tight (don’t know what name to call it but it is a very popular kind,it's like a blend of spandex and cotton and it's very durable,if you wear it,then you know what am talking about. You can get it in an underwear store,I got mine for #600 and it stretches very well.
-needle and black thread
Wear one leg of the tight on your head like this
Measure where to cut from with two fingers (few inches above the head is fine to make sewing neat and easy)
Cut from there and remove it from your head
Sew just along where you cut from
Voila!!!Your wig cap is ready…

So, in a pair of tight, two wig caps are guaranteed. Cool, right?(I used a blue thread just to make it visible)
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  1. wow, that's great, will have to try mine

  2. Thanks and you should try it,its very simple...

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