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  Hey ladies… Many of you don’t know I am already transitioning to natural but if you follow me on instagram @stylehairven, you ought to know. So talking about transitioning,It was not really easy in the beginning, it was difficult to maintain two textures at the same time ,I was tempted several times to relax my hair again but I didn’t!, Trying to figure out a regimen that works well for both textures and suits my lifestyle was something else,it was tiring till I finally figured out a simple regimen and I am here to share it with you.
You don't really have to follow my exact regimen(my hair could be different from yours) but I hope you would gain something from it. My new regimen is just as simple as follows:
-Shampoo every two weeks (with of course a sulfate free shampoo, dudu osun is bae at the moment) -Co-wash weekly (with gentelle hair fruit conditioner)
 -Deep condition weekly (with honey and ORS replenishing conditioner)
 -Moisturize and seal every night (actually, depending on the protective style)
 -Drinking more water daily,up to 2 liters(I actually love drinking water, not a problem!)
 -Wear a protective style for at least a week and at most 3-4 weeks (which means I don’t have to manipulate my hair during those periods)
 -Wearing more of wigs and scarves (most especially on bad hair days)
 -Clarifying once a month (with a sulfate shampoo, VO5 works well for me)

 So, that’s basically what my new regimen looks like and my hair has really been manageable ever since i started. I am thinking of starting the inversion method soon too, will definitely update you guys about it. Drop your comments below, would like to read your views. If you are not yet following on instagram and twitter, simply do @stylehairven to stay updated and you can also subscribe to this blog by dropping your email below,it takes only few seconds.
 Thank you. Don’t forget to figure out what regimen works well for you and stick to it!!!
Till next post,
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