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Hey ladies,hope you are all are doing good.Today's post is quite an interesting one as many of us have encountered nasty or provoking treatment of our hair at our different salons,therefore i have put together some tips on how to get the best from your salon based on what i see at salons,my experience from different salons as a customer,my experience with some of my own client as a hairstylist,people's complains around me and also based on the fact that i have worked and i work in a salon,lets get started!!

1.Always go the salon with your hair products needed for your hair that day,this way,you don't have to worry about  what goes into your hair,you know them already and if there is a particular product you want and you dont have ,ask the stylist and always know an alternative just in case he/she doesn't have it.(but don't allow a stylist to use a product you are not comfortable with on your hair).

2.If you are going to the salon to wash your hair,i would advice that you don't wear a lot of makeup,this is because water might get to your face if care is not taken by him/her and if it's necessary to wear that much makeup,be with your makeup stuffs to touch up after washing

3.Have a picture/name of the hairstyle you plan to make,describing with your hand/mouth might not give your stylist the perfect description.

4.Always go the salon with your hair very detangled,this saves time for your stylist and also erazes the risk of breaking your hair by impatient stylist beacuse they have other customers waiting ELSE you are paying extra for detangling.

5.Go to the salon with your old t-shirt for drying your hair after washing,most salons don't provide for that.However,you can allow him/her to wrap a towel round your head to soak up excess water but not RUB on your hair(towels break the hair when rubbed on the hair),tell him/her to use your old t-shirt to dry before going under the dryer.

6.When going under the dryer,emphasize on using a cool setting if you are not in a hurry(please, you are paying for the service)

7.Please speak up whenever he/she is holding your hair too tight most especially at your edges(i usually don't like it when a friend of mine comes home complaining about how tight her hair is,why didn't you talk when he/she was making it?,you paid your money dear).This ensures that you are able to sleep well at night*winks* and your hair is safe from breakage.

8.When going for a sew-in,always go with your own needle and blade.If at all he/she mistakenly uses the needle on your scalp,you are very sure you are safe from any infection.

P.S:It's your money you are paying for the hair service,you deserve to get the best service.(Don't give in to just any attitude/treatment to your hair) and please, also give room for your stylist to tell you what they know,they might be right and DON'T also in the name of 'CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT' act rudely to your stylist,*it annoys us please*,state whatever you want calmly and with respect and you get the same treat back!!!

I decided to split this post into two because it would be cumbersome if i made it one.The second part will be coming up very shortly,please come back again and I hope you have gotten one or two things from this one
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Till the second part of this post,
remain chill.
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