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Hi people!!!
       Still on how to slay with underbraids,i already showed you guys one of the ways to spice up underbraids and if you missed it,kindly check it out HERE .

This is just like the second part of the post and the underbraids in this particular post  is made all to the back in a low pony tail and i just added a bun to it to make it interesting*BIG GRIN*

How i achieved this bun is quite different from how i achieved the last one and am here to show you how!
 (All you need is your marley hair and your few bobby pins)
All you need to do is tie the marley hair as many times depending on how long or  many it is,(i tied my marley hair for about three times) then you tuck all excesses inside.VERY SIMPLE!!!
Straight marley hair

Tie for the first time

Tie for the second time

Tie for the third time

Tuck in excessses

Your bun should look like this when you are done
This is a simple pictorial you can save on your phone
Pin down the bun to the back of your head and you go from this
To this

Thanks for reading guys,let me know what you guys think about this style,drop your comments down below and dont forget to subsribe to my blog my also dropping your email below,.it takes very few seconds.
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