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hey guys!this post was not actually planned like the other ones,i love bantu knots out and i thought that why dont i just blog about how i achieve my soft,fluffy and full bantu knots out.therefore,the pictures in this post were taken at different days when i had bantu knots-out!

Bantu knots out is one of my favourite curly hairstyles(you should know if you follow me on IG@stylehairven),i always love the curls,the fullness,the fluffiness and i just LOVE bantu knots out!

I am sharing with you guys today how i get my perfect,well defined and fluffy bantu knots out and why i am still holding on to my little relaxed

hair,yep,lets dig!
First,i put my hair in three sections like this to make the process easier and faster i guess,you might skip this step
Second,i moisturize my hair either by spraying very lightly with water or by applying my moisturizer(organics hair cholesterol)
next,i seal with little shea butter and sometimes i add little eco styler gel to it but its also fine without the gel,it makes no difference to me anyways
then i two strands twist my hair and roll it round itself
i leave it to air dry for at least Eight hours(overnight is actually the best) then i carefully unravel with my fingers dipped lightly in coconut oilor i spray coconut oil after unravelling to give it that extra shine!
and thats it,pretty simple,right?

how i keep my curls for up to four days is not so special,i still need help on that but what i do is i just tie a silk scarf when going to sleep or i just rest my head on a silk pillow case,i only need to use my fingers to adjust the curls the next morning and spray coconut oil again for shine,thats all...

To why i have not yet cut off my little relaxed hair,hmmnn...the pictures in this post somehow explains it all,i like the extra color the relaxed hair gives my bantu knots out and i like how the relaxed hair curls form on the unprocessed anybody getting me?(laughs)
here,i had more relaxed hair

This is my most recent bantu knots out and i have cut off more relaxed hair

Thanks for taking your time to read my'not so special secret'of getting the perfect bantu knots out.i will like to know how to keep curls for longer days tho,kindly drop your thoughts below,i really want to read from you too.

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Till next post,

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