Why you should rock faux locs

15 October Doughyeen 0 Comments

Hey people,how have you all been?long time no post,pardon me!
This is a detailed post about the hairstyle i have on presently and i am so in love with it and  it's the crotchet faux locs.check HERE to see where i had twists on.I had never actually worn locs before and so i decided to try it out and it actually came out very nice.Before we get started,it's necessary to let you guys know that these locs are handmade and is one of the products from the stylehairven collection.

Things you will love about these locs

This hair is not heavy as it looks,four packs of these locs were on my head in these pictures and the weight was really cool although five packs is needed for full head as i had some space in the middle of my head which i later had to fix by adding one more pack.Either four or five packs,its not heavy and this is what i like most about these locs.

They are really easy to install,each  loc is made with a moderate loop to make installation easier and faster

They are reusable,they can be used for as many times as you wish depending on how well you can maintain them.This can actually save you on days you are not too boxed up to get a new hairstyle or you don't know what hairstyle to do.just a little trim might be needed at second-third use

They are flexible locs

its affordable

it comes with free hair cuffs

let me chip this in,another thing i like about these locs is that they are not sleek(but very neat),which gives the illusion of real locs(which is not sleek) the older it gets,so,the older it gets,the better and finer.

these locs are actually available for sale in this length and of course longer lengths and colours,simply send a DM(direct message)on instagram@Stylehairven and we will discuss*grins* or call this number:08154647594.

Thank you

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