How to lay your hair without gel plus chic updo

26 October Doughyeen 0 Comments

Hey people,this post is a very short but well explained.

I ran out of hair gel,the horror!and i had to lay my egdes for the style i had,i simply did this

Things needed:
some shea butter
some castor oil

What i did:
spray my hair moderately with water
mix the shea butter and castor oil together,i whipped the shea butter lightly with my index finger to make application easier
the mixture should look like this

then applied the mixture to my damp hair and brushed it in with my hair brush and tied scarf for some minutes,(although i would have preferred it if i tied the scarf overnight)but it was during the day and i had to go out!

and boom!!my hair was laid after removing the scarf after about 20minutes,i used the 20minutes to finish up my makeup

About this hairstyle,i did not take pictures of how i did it but i surely recorded a short video and you can watch that on my instagram here@stylehairven

more pictures for the view...

remain blessed!!

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