Crotchet box braids from stylehairven collection

16 November Doughyeen 4 Comments

crotchet braids is now a very popular thing among ladies these days,so,ladies,i am glad to let you know that you can get your crotchet box braid from stylehairven collection at an unbeatable price in different colors and lengths.You really do not need to sit for long hours to get your braids done when you can actually get them installed through the crotchet method just under 1hour.

some of the reasons why you should own these crotchet box braids is that:
- it saves your edges from pulling as we all know that the traditional box braids always pull the edges if tightly done,your edges are safe under these crotchet box braids,you can style these braids any how as you wish just like the traditional box braid.

-These crotchet box braids from stylehairven collection are tightly and neatly braided,there are no flyaways at all,therefore no need to worry at all

 another good news is that they are completely reusable,yes,i mean it ,they are reusable,all you have to do is dip your crotchet box braids in hot water after trimming after every use and your braids is good again for another use,you can reuse them for as long as you can take care of them

They are very affordable,for #1300 per pack,and 4-5 packs needed for full head,its really worth you getting yours!!!30 strands are contained in one pack,so for 4 packs,you will have up to 120 braids on your head which i consider to be averagely okay,but if you want to go all the way very full like me,then,5 packs is for you, or send a direct message on my instagram business page@stylehairvencollection or call 08154647594 for more enquires

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