Product review:Gentelle hair fruit conditioner

01 November Doughyeen 2 Comments

Hey people,how is everything at your end!so,i took out my crotchet faux locs at exactly three weeks,read about it HERE.My hair was due for real washings,so i had my abs shampoo handy which was actually a giveaway i won from nappyhaired and hairffiliation,i won't talk much about the products here as this is a review post for another product and i will be putting up another review post about the products i won from hairffiliation by nappyhaired(I am still experimenting with others).so,lets dig!!

I ran out of conditioner on my wash-day and i couldn't postpone it till the next day so i had to go get my conditioner but i wasn't lucky enough to get the conditioner i use which is v05,so i searched and searched for v05 but didnt get any so i remembered this "gentelle hair fruit conditioner" i had used one time to detangle my hair after taking out braids,read it up HERE also,and i decided to go for it again,its really cheap,i got it for just,i am doing a proper review now after a second use.

What i like about this product:
it really helps with detangling,the first time i used it was  to detangle my hair after taking down braids and this is the second time of using it ,it really makes detangling very easy.My wide tooth comb went through my hair very easily and this is what i love most about this conditioner

i love the smell:i cant actually remember the fragrance of the first one i used during the braids take down but this time around,i got it in apple crunch and believe me,it smells so nice!

I also like the consistency of this product,its not too thick and not too thin,just moderate,so it comes out well without worrying about pouring out too little or too much at a time.

what i am not really sure about with this product is that the first ingredient on its list is alcohol and that got me doubting for a while before using,that it might dry out fast  but i just used it like that since i had no other alternative and the result was cool,my hair felt moisturised enough although i added some honey to it.

have you used this product before?how was it for you?drop your comments below and lets discuss!
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Till next post again,stay chill...
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  1. I have used the Gentelle hair shampoo , the coconut type. And that was when l had relaxed hair. l must say l loved it. l like the fact that it is very affordable. lt is a good option for any who want to run away from regular shampoos used in salons.

    1. yeah!that is so true,it's really affordable...thanks for reading tho..