Bantu Knots Out On Short Natural Hair With Shaved Sides.

14 December Doughyeen 0 Comments

Bantu Knots Out On Short Natural Hair.

Hey guys!How is the world at your sides?In this post ,I am going to be showing you guys the bantu knots out on short natural hair i made for myself but i wanted something a little bit edgy and  i already did full bantu knots out several times and i already wrote a post on that HERE.Kindly check it out!

I wanted to make it a little bit different this time around without having to actually shave my hair and i still wanted the bantu knots out with shaved sides, so,i weaved the sides of my hair using my own hair recipe i made(a mixture of Shea butter,castor oil) to get my hair laid very well,you can read about the mixture HERE also.

I also used this mixture to twist and roll my bantu knots and i unraveled the next morning.

I like using this mixture a lot for my bantu knots because it makes my natural hair very soft when unraveling.

Bantu knots out on short natural hair is one of my favorite hairstyles,you should know by now if you have been following me a long time and i now really love this edgy look with the illusion of shaved sides.

I did not take pictorials of this hairstyle since i recorded a video of it on Instagram,check it out on my Instagram @stylehairven.

Do you think this edgy bantu knots out on short natural hair looks good on me?and do you think i should rock it more often?let me know your opinion in the comment section below and please don't forget to follow me on Instagram @stylehairven and also like my page on Facebook @stylehairven.I will really appreciate it.You can also follow this blog to get posts directly into your inbox and to not miss out on awesome packages by dropping your email down below,thank you so much.


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