How To Soften Thick Natural Hair

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Glad you made it into the new year!
I am here with an educative post on how to soften thick natural hair.

I have got some direct messages on Instagram and sometimes in real life on how to soften thick natural hair most especially when i was transitioning,so,i have decided to talk about it  here in  this post based on  my little knowledge from my own experience with working with my thick hair.

I just cut my relaxed hair few weeks back after transitioning for 15 months but you can read about how i managed my hair during transitioning HERE.

How To Soften Thick Natural Hair.

Two important points i don't joke with concerning managing my natural hair are:

Regular Deep-conditioning

  This point cannot be over emphasized,when some people ask me what to do to soften their thick hair,i ask them 'do you deep condition?' and most times,the reply is always 'NO'.Deep conditioning is also referred to as steaming in most salons and it is a process of applying a deep conditioner to your hair,covering it with a plastic cap/shower cap and letting the deep conditioner sit in your hair for about 25-30 minutes under the dryer OR about 45mins using body heat,then rinsing off thereafter.Deep conditioning should be done regularly about every week or depending on the state of your hair and schedule to get maximum effect.There are various deep conditioners in the market but i personally love ORS deep conditioners.

There are also natural ingredients that can be used to deep condition,some of which include:honey,egg,oils,aloe Vera,milk,banana,avocado.


Whenever i cant get my favorite deep conditioner,i use a mixture of my rinse out conditioner at that moment with honey ,castor oil and coconut oil,warm the mixture up and deep condition my hair with it.
Regular Deep conditioning does not only make the hair soft but also strengthens the hair.

Regular moisturizing



Moisturizing the hair especially natural hair should be done daily because natural hair loses moisture easily.The easiest way to moisturize the hair is by applying a leave-in conditioner daily or by spraying with a mixture of water,oil and conditioner which i strongly recommend and sealing the moisture in with oils/butters just to keep the moisture longer in the hair strands but keep in mind that oils/butters do not moisturize,their importance is just to lock the moisture in the hair strands.

Dry hair is usually fragile,thick,brittle and difficult to work with but well moisturized hair is quite easier to work with and is soft.My favourite sealant is the shea butter because it naturally softens the hair ,therefore sealing the moisture with shea butter followed by oil is always satisfying for my hair.
Regular Moisturizing  does not only soften the hair but also improves hair elasticity.

Do you have any other method on how to soften thick natural hair?kindly share yours in the comment section below and i will gladly answer any question in the comment section also.Follow my blog on Instagram @stylehairven and also on twitter @stylehairven to stay updated.

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