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How To Detangle Dry,Matted Natural hair Without Breakage.

13 February Doughyeen 4 Comments

Hey people!its been a long time here and this is because i have been working on something i will reveal later in this post as you read on and you will also learn how to detangle dry,matted natural hair without breakage.

It has been a long time idea actually but decided to launch fully this year.If you are following me on Instagram @Stylehairven,you probably know by now that i post some short video tutorials once in a while but right now,we are moving to YouTube. Stylehairven is now live on YouTube and would most definitely need your support by liking,subscribing,sharing and commenting.

Since YouTube helps to make practical stuffs easier to understand,I promise to make this fun and I hope you enjoy!

How To Detangle Dry,Matted Natural hair Without Breakage.

My first video is up already and its about the easiest and most proper way to detangle dry,matted natural hair without breakage and how i trimmed my relaxed ends after transitioning for 15 months. A lot of us actually struggle with detangling our natural hair when its matted or dry, this video sheds more light on how to properly do that without breakage.

You can watch the video below! 


Check the description box to read more details about the video!Thank you guys and to stay updated with posts here,drop your email down below and get posts directly to your inbox and also subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE to know when i post new videos as i will be posting a new video this week.!I would really appreciate it.

love you...
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