Ghana-weaving With Natural Hair.

21 April Doughyeen 0 Comments

Hello guys,I hope your week is going just as planned or even better?I am sharing with you today an interesting post on how to make Ghana-weaving with natural hair.

Many people often think it is impossible to make Ghana weaving with natural hair due to its kinky nature but with this post,i hope you will be able to make and enjoy wearing Ghana-weaving with your natural hair without losing your hair.


 First thing is to prepare your natural hair for the hairstyle(Ghana-weaving) and by preparing the hair,I mean deep conditioning the hair to give it the necessary strength to withstand the stress that comes with Ghana-weaving.Deep conditioning the hair before making this hairstyle is very necessary to avoid breakage.You can read about deep conditioning HERE.


 The second thing to consider when thinking of making Ghana-weaving with natural hair is STRETCHING.Since natural hair is usually not straight which makes it difficult to blend with the straight braiding hair,it is necessary to stretch natural hair before making this hairstyle so that it can blend with the braiding hair as much as possible.Stretching can be done in different ways,the safest method of stretching natural hair that i like is by the use of threads.This method is safe as it does not require any heat which could damage the hair when used too often.Another method of stretching natural hair is by BLOWING the hair with the use of an hand dryer.Which ever method suits you,the important thing is to stretch the hair before making the hairstyle.

 P.S:   -Streching should be done before deep conditioning so that the hair can retain its streched state.

         -You might need to tell your stylist to start braiding with your own hair not with the extension just to reduce tension on your edges.

This is a ghana weaving style i am wearing currently,i used two packs of Xpression braiding hair to achieve this hairstyle.

  To maintain this hairstyle,i just oil my edges ad scalp with castor oil ,i rarely moisturize with water so that it does not get rough in time but i make sure water gets to my edges when under the shower and i oil my edges afterwards.You can read on how i care for my hair in box braids HERE and HERE.

The only way i have been able to style this hair is by wrapping the the tips around my head like in the pictures below.enjoy!(I will be posting a video on how i achieved this style on my instagram ,so please follow me on there  to stay updated).               
Is there any point you think i am missing out,feel free to drop yours and also share your experience making ghana weaving with natural hair in the comment section below.

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Till next time,remain blessed!
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