Natural Hair Updo

28 August Doughyeen 0 Comments

Hello guys,welcome back to our blog after a really long time{smiles},so just to welcome you back,I am just sharing with you today how i achieved this beautiful natural hair up-do here,it did not take me so much time actually and this look can be worn to class,work,dinner,ANYWHERE!
Styling our natural hair could be WORK at times,so i hope this would definitely help someone.You can also check HERE and HERE  and HERE  and HERE to see other ways i have styled my natural hair.

Things I used For This Hairstyle.

-Old curly weaves
-Bobby pins
-Water(to moisturize)
-Whipped hair butter
-A strand of Marley hair to pull my hair in a small puff.

Watchthisvideo to see how it was done,thanks.

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Till next post,remain blessed.
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